And then we were 10!

Day 2 of our journey! And the hits just keep coming…. So as if we didn’t have our hands full enough we have made the decision to adopt a sibling set of three. Yeah so we are doing this. Um and to top it all off the youngest is a …. GIRL! Um what do I do with a girl? After 24 boy’s we now have a girl. Ok I feel overwhelmed with this I have to admit! But I am try to embrace this new adventure. Yes that will mean our little family of four has grown into a large family of 10 total. As we work to incorporate 3 more personalities in to our family we watch our family evolve and sometimes catch fire, burning to ash I am reminded that each person takes on aspects of the family while leaving its impact on us. Lately, I find myself asking how to navigate the holiday season with 3 autistic boys (FYI puberty and autism is a horrid curse for which I am still trying to figure out what I did to deserve it!), 1 explosive disorder boy (who thank God hasn’t hit puberty yet), an ADHD boy that we are working on diagnosing to get him help, and our ever present girl that makes everything complicated because she can! I have tried to look beyond the holidays that are right in front of me, however I looked right into the realization that I now have a child in every grade from 7th to 3rd…… and then I thought about high school! Lord please guide our family through this upcoming gauntlet! In the meantime we are continuing to work on restaurant manners, store manners, and because our friends are crazy enough to invite our clan to parties we have worked on party manners. Encase your wondering why manners matter, I can personally vouch how stressful it is to have kiddos knocking off items at other customers tables while walking to your table or even better taking food off strangers plates…. Oh yes that was not a good day at the restaurant. We also learned that tag is not appropriate while waiting for the other family members to order their food at the fast food counter. Again, I wonder if the employees cringe and begin questioning just how much they need the money as our 12 passenger van pulls into the parking lot. I can’t blame them, because I often ask myself if working on these skills outweigh the frustration and embarrassment we are walking into!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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