Good Monday Morning

What a great reminder of our position and calling!

Good Monday morning everyone! I pray you had a great weekend full of family, fun, and time with our savior!

Our pastor is working his way through Romans and yesterday he preached on 2:1-11. One of the big things he discussed was the Greek word Krino which translates to Judge. One of the big points he hit one was that we need to learn to use discernment when we do judge.

What does that mean for us? We need to always remember that we are not the judges for our peers. We are to judge what we want to be around, however never judge their sins as we don’t want them to judge ours.
Great point, but what does that mean for our judgment involving our children….. wow hold up! How do we correct them and point them to the Lord without judging? I took a few hours to pray and spend in the Lord’s presence on this topic. This is where God took me……

We need to keep focus on the purpose we are here to serve! God has called us to foster, mentor, and mold these fragile children into productive, loving, serving adults so that they can not only have a better life, but stop the cycle of abuse and dysfunction that they come from!

Ok, so that seems like a great calling, however where does discernment come into the picture? We are called to give them love and guidance, however we often take their choices to heart making it personal! I know I live this every day! I respect our teachers immensely, so when our 13 year old boy refuses to cooperate in class stating he has done enough, calls staff names, or goes walk about through campus invading classrooms or personal belongings I struggle to not go to evil thoughts and fight my desire to run away screaming. I have to remember two things….1st he has Autism and that is the reason for a lot of these behaviors and 2nd we are to review what he did that was wrong, give him his negative consequence, and then move on! Yeah so that is next to impossible right? What he does reflects on us an we don’t want to be seen as a horrible parent who let’s their child behave in this inappropriate way.

I have to stop my self from placing judgement on myself for others! We all do this, right? I can’t be the only one who does this right? At some point in our past we have worried about what others are thinking of us. God really, really has been pushing the discernment piece with me!

First, I have to remember that I am not responsible for my child’s choices and second, the people I fear are judging my parenting skills know my son’s history, they know Ray and I as parents and have joined our team to help this child.

I need to keep this in mind all day every day! God is the one our children will be judged by and we will be judged on our willingness to guide them in the right direction!

Today I pray that we as foster parents, are able to discern those moments in which we need to judge and when we need to turn the other cheek!

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Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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