Here we are again ……

It’s Monday morning and believe it or not we had a very amazing weekend! I am in awe of how our weekend went very smoothly with only one or two issues with one of the boys.

We went to Chino to my Mom’s house on Saturday and we worked hard at getting our garden ready for planting, moved the kids chicks out to the chicken coop, and started making progress on reviving my Stepfather’s metal sign business!

Sunday was a day of rejoicing with our Lord, getting our laundry completed for the week, and I road a bike for the first time in over 20 years! It was a beautiful day spent with many fun memories and lots of smiles.

And then came Monday ……. kids not getting moving making other kids late for school, and kids fixating on the clouds since it relates to the evening hockey games! I woke up this morning to instant stress!

It is so frustrating and annoying how our family can go from being so happy and gelled to then overnight it seems to all fall apart. What am I missing??

How do kids that were all laughs and smiles one day turn into buckets of anxiety and stress for each of them. I can only say it is the struggles of the last month of school! Here we are working towards the last day, however the impending change in routine is already making a great ripple in their little worlds that no parent can stop.

The kids just want to be heading to Nana’s house to start pulling apart palettes, grinding on the signs that are made, continue to watch the chickens, and play with all the dogs. Helping them to see it is not that long until it is time for all this to occur is by no means an easy task. We have highlighted the last day for each child’s school on the calendar, we have been diligently marking the days off, we have made a fun list of tasks that need to be done, and we have made a list of activities that they all have a desire to attend.

Now our biggest stress is that they will think everything would be done on one day! One of our biggest challenges comes with summer. Keeping all the special needs children feeling safe and in control while not causing issues with the other. We can plan camping trips and skills groups, however there is always that one kiddo that slips through the cracks and ends up just being for summer. We have multiple library trips and therapy appointments, but I still worry that one of the kids will be left out!

So here we go again living in survival mode throughout the final month. How are you all going through the last month and what do you all have planned for summer?

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Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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