How do we handle this?

Blaze making brownies for his science project!

So we keep moving forward in our daily lives doing our best to be patient, respectful,  and above all consistent…… so why is it we are struggling so badly with one of our kiddos?

Our 13 year old with autism is genetically predisposed to high cholesterol and diabetes. His labs just aren’t improving no matter what we do! We have all sweets on lock down and portion control with low fat everything (which has been more than a fight, however instead it has been an on going battle). We know he sneaks anything he can find but yesterday was …. well …. beyond words!

We had about 8 left over JoJo fries from an event that I had put in the garage refrigerator door and forgot about them. So we are about 9 days in the fridge at this point. So something was missing and in front of the therapist my husband checks the 13 year olds pockets and he pulls out about 5 of the JoJo fries that are warm! I ask him why he had those in his pocket and when he got them because he has not been alone in the garage today…… the answer made my skin crawl….. “I grabbed them yesterday and have had them in my pockets since”!!!!

Incert the turning green mom who is struggling to not vomit here! The caseworker asks him if he has been eating them and he answered yes. Again I am grossed out!

So what do we do with this? We have been working very hard to keep him improving and working on teaching healthy life styles chose so his future will be improved, however it seems that we are just pushing him to sneak food! I reviewed that this is the reason we have to restrict his portions. Being a nurse I reviewed why we store foods in the cold refrigerator and what it is like to have food poisoning. As you probably said when you read this …. it did nothing!

How do we keep him safe and healthy? We are struggling to do what is right in the situation! I have turned it all over to God several times but in my human weakness I continue to take it back feeling completely unequipped to handle this situation and that it’s not God’s problem but mine! I know this is crazy, but it is where I go!

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Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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