Remain Consistent!!!!

Jon and Scott working on dinner to get it done by dinner time!

How important is consistency in our daily world? It is HUGE! Little things like dinner time, like after school appointments, and like assigned seats at the table. Any little change is detected and alerted to by these kids like an overactive metal detector! So how do we handle their over exaggerated responses?

When it is something we know is coming ahead of time we will start preparing them for the change if the child can handle the change without fixating on the change ruining the days leading up to the change. Yep we have some that will dwell on the change to the point of becoming physically aggressive because it is coming and something will be changing.

The difficulty comes when the change will affect the child that has to have time to come to terms with the change and the child that will implode if the change is talked about early. How do we keep peace in these situations? Well it definitely is not easy!

We have to be very creative in how we look at and address these situations. Often times I am able to pull the child that needs to know early aside and go over the upcoming change, however reminding him that he needs to keep the change quiet because the others are not going to take it well. This is usually the answer, however it is a double edged sword in which we are putting into his hands that trust and may be used if the opportunity presents it’s self.

When there is no time for change the entire picture is different. We focus on the reason for the change and what will happen instead. This isn’t always easy and will result in the increase of stress for me! I work hard to keep everyone moving and using as many tools as is possible! Remember your supports or distractions!

So here we are approaching the dreaded summer time. This is the time of year that I long for a year round school, however they don’t exist where we live except homeschooling and I am not even able to go there! I love teaching and watching children grasp new topics, however when it comes to teaching our special needs kids, I just can’t!

I often ask myself what am I going to do and how will I handle this year? Each year I try to make the best plan to provide the family with a smooth, enjoyable summer, however it just never happens! All the plans for movies, games, activities, camping trips, and adventures get interrupted with therapies, meltdowns, and horrible choices that change how what the family participates in!

Already my plans for a garden are about a month delayed, we continue to work towards the goal of getting the Plasmacam up and running, which seems to be a never ending struggle due to the learning curve, and our goal of camping appears to be moving further and further away from reality! So where do I go from here?

Crazy! Absolutely CRAZY! I am already telling myself that I will disappoint the kids this year, which is not a lie by any stretch of the imagination! I know I can’t meet their expectations, but I can meet their needs. One thing I will have to do is look at my own expectations for summer and adjust them as much as possible!

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