Hockey Tournament Day

These words rock me to my core! I have never been a sports type of person, however my husband and children are. Sucks to be me and the other 2 kiddos that don’t sport! Yesterday was end of season hockey tournament day which is literally hockey from 7am to 11:30pm. Our family did not have 15U players so we got to leave at 8pm which was a blessing because the kids that did not play were starting to struggle. (Who wouldn’t be right?)

Nana makes the best place to take a rest and reset before a meltdown occurs!

I have to send up many thanks and acknowledge the many blessings we received yesterday! No one was lost or injured during our day. We didn’t even have a major meltdown!

We had 4 kids that played their hearts out on and off the rink! We had 2 kids that hiked over 3 miles while the others skated, and 1 little girl that made some great connections with another safe and loving family! There was oh so much munching going on (not so good for my weight loss journey)!

We all enjoyed the many pleasures of family visiting, watching kids grow on the rink, and overall show good sportsmanship! (Ozzy really took the loss in the playoffs very hard!! We will have to work on showing his disappointment in loosing without being a poor sport!)

Overall we were blessed beyond words, however today we face the fallout of the 12+ hour day! So what do we expect for the day? Well…..

Extremely cranky and short fussed children that struggle to get along on a good day let alone on a day with absolutely no reserve! I know that sounds a lot like every child that has endured our hockey day, however the intensity of these episodes are much more intense than a child without issues.

We have throwing things, we have extremely rude comments that are amend straight at trigger points of those around them, destruction of belongings, and spiteful choices. At some point someone will be swaddled and we will continue to work on behaviors.

I can tell you this momma bear is ready to hibernate for sure! My amazing husband allowed me a decent nap as I attempted to recover from yesterday! The longer my day has gone on the more I am having joint pain (as expected with Rheumatoid Arthritis), body aches, and a decreased desire to work on anything including the 9 loads of laundry!

I have to admit that I truly want to focus on the blessings and how we are thriving with our house full of cranky munchkins but I will be the very first person to loathe the idea of hockey tournament day as it creates it own havoc in our already edgy existence, however it is worth it when we see Aaron get on his goalie gear and start to head to the rink in confidence, when we see Jon having one of his very few social interactions with his peers, watching Ozzy get his first goal of the day, and see Lilly working hard to get to the puck before the other players.

I am so grateful for all the loving individuals that put the hockey season on for our community, however I pray that they get to rest and recover before working on the new season that is right around the corner!

Aaron won this amazing award this season! First one of the kids to get an above and beyond award!

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