It’s the Little Things

The smiles from these little gatherings are amazing!

So we are almost done with week two of summer and no one has died…well literally, because the kids tell me they are being bored to death frequently… and to top it off we have had very few meltdowns!

We have had a ton of little things that have been making a huge difference! The kids (all 6 of them) played in Nana’s little plastic kiddy pool with water guns and were spoiled by their all amazing therapist who took each kid to Sonic for a treat during his time with them. (He really is a saint he visited Sonic 4 different times in a 3 hour period!)

Our three day camping trip that brought so much laughter and smiles…. and frustrations and memories of happiness and anger.

Why did we have to leave?????

This week one of our support groups for families with special children met, and the kids enjoyed a little country town and animals or “creatures” as one of our kiddos calls them. It was so wonderful to be with other families that know what it is like, and truly support each other when the children are rocking, grunting, and appearing to be angry when they are overstimulated. We need to make shirts that say “stemming happens and we let it”.

Pam Nugent graciously opens her land for our special kids to come together and make memories with their friends!

We added a trip to the library where upwards of 30 books were checked out, however for the first time ever no one fought to get books that aren’t allowed (13 year olds should not be checking out picture books) and everyone actually enjoyed their time at the library! Now we just need to keep track of the massive stack of books!!!

I guess my biggest thing is we just have to let things happen instead of forcing them, and we are blessed to overall have a good two weeks! Now, I know we have 6 more to go and a ton of hurdles to clear between now and school starting. However, if we just breathe we might make it! Maybe and no guarantees, but there is a chance!

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Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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