The Things We Give Up For Our Adopted Children!

So I know that EVERYONE is aware that having children in your life results in giving up something…. something that we love and feel attached to. Or events in your life you always wanted or felt you deserved to be apart of.

Here we are the night before our daughters wedding in Indiana and we are stuck here in Arizona. This is one of those things that I feel we were entitled to, however because we have our adopted kiddos, getting clear across the country is impossible.

Flying is out of the question due to the cost and just the thought of taking our children through security is enough to make me nauseous! All the people, the lines, the rules would be more than they could handle!

Driving is out also, again the cost is overwhelming (cheaper than flying, but just barely). Plus traveling across country is again a good way to have fistfights, meltdowns, and multiple reports of child abuse as we work to calm a child that is needing sensory input or just to scream. (Yes, we have had well meaning parents call the police because our son is screaming bloody murder because the stump he wanted to sit on was already occupied!)

So, now I am faced with missing a very important day in the life of my biological daughter because her adopted siblings can’t handle life. This is once again, where I feel like I have let her down. She deserves to have her mother and father at her wedding!

I can hear my daughter now, reminding me that it is ok that we are not there, and that she knows we care. It is heartbreaking that we are missing a very special day in her life, but uplifting as well! We have raised her to make the most out of what God has given her and she knows that she is loved unconditionally!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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