So three of our boys are raising money for mountain bike season. No biggy right? UM yeah….. so as usual nothing in our house is normal and we are faced with more chaos!

So due to my Stepfather’s dementia and his care providers schedule for watching him getting their cars to the actual car wash is impossible, however they wanted to support the kid’s anyway. Great plan made to wash the cars at my Mom’s house and here we are washing the cars with a power washer and two autistic boys and the other boy who is overly fixated on the power washer! I am going to give you a few minutes for those visual images to sink in a little!

Yeah it’s as fun as it sounds! Trying to get the 18 year old to understand that if you clean the windows first you get them dirty again when you power spray the part below!

I have tried three times to get him to understand, however all that happens is the typical long conversation on what is right to him! Breathe mom breathe! Then on the fourth attempt to explain we have a break through and he finally sees that his clean window is now spotted from the sprayer!


It’s never easy or cut and dry with these kiddos, however it is a blessing to watch them grow and learn (even if it is the hard way!). As we continue to grow and learn about our kiddos we are being stretched to have increased patience and understanding. They didn’t choose to be the victim, they didn’t choose to survive trauma, and above all else they didn’t choose to have Autism.

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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