A Truely Godly Man

He is always bringing a smile to my face!

I know I don’t brag about my husband as much as I should, but he is pretty amazing! I am preparing to have surgery on July 8th and he’s being very supportive.

As I type this he is in a Bass Pro Shop with 8 children while I wait to get all my preop testing done. I personally get a little twitchy when I think of taking all 8 to a store alone, but he does it without a complaint! He is amazing!

I am having a gastric bypass so I am on a very strict diet of protein shakes, water, broth, and sugar free J-ello, and he makes my shakes when I ask allowing me to not have to face food that I am craving.

Ray has been following God’s leading in our family since it became a family! Ray has worked hard and always sacrificed his needs and wants to meet the needs of traumatized children. Ray loves working with special needs children and seeing smiles on their faces, the light bulb moments when he helps a child understand a concept at school, and when his kids at home reach their goal.

Ray has helped me through more heartache than any one person should endure, but he has also guided towards the positive and good things in our life! He is my partner nlin chaos and compliments my personality and skills in only a way that God can provide!

He is a blessing from the Lord and I try to honor that daily, however there are definitely times we don’t jive, but by both giving we manage to find the common ground again!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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