Transition Time …. Again!

So here we are at the end of week one for the school year and once again our home is in full meltdown mode. I have boys that are short and screaming they don’t want to live here anymore, we are apparently abusers because they have school expectations and how dare we as parents support these expectations!

I still feel that a location with either minimal or no seasonal changes and year round school would be worth all the money in the world!

Even after all of our best laid plans we still had a rough start to the school year. My surgery was the week before school started and I worked to make sure we had school clothes, back packs, and school supplies before I went to surgery, however I did not get the school shoes or supplies done all though we had quiet a few extras leftover from last year so we were able to get a start with what we had.

This was a huge stressor for the family, not only were the kids anxious about just starting school, but it was additional stress of “I don’t have shoes or school supplies and school starts tomorrow” oh and mom can’t do much but sit in the recliner and sleep.

So here we are on Saturday and everyone has survived the first week even with mom not being able to drive or do much! Everyone had what the needed (definitely not what they wanted!) and we made it through the change of schedule without any deaths.

Today we are on clean the house mission as a way of cleaning away all of the last weeks chaos! As you guessed we have a ton of attitude rolling in the Aguilar home today with everyone being frustrated that we are cleaning and grumbling about how their new school expectations are inhumane!

I sit here being able to do a little more than when school started, but still feeling overwhelmed with inability, yet blessed to have an all capable God that has provided for our crazy little family with friends making meals, an amazing husband taking everyone shopping for school shoes ON HIS OWN (I know dad medal of honor), and amazing therapist and school staff that stepped up to help keep our family moving!

I truly dread transition periods, however being in the situation where I have to sit back and watch our family be supported by everyone in our support network has been heart warming! We truly do have a village to help us grow our special family!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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