Wholeness is the Goal!

As I continue to recover from my surgery and the chaos of school starting, mountain biking, Special Olympics golf, and rehearsals for Narnia coming this November, I find myself searching for stable ground.

I have to tell you that one of my biggest challenges of this calling has been Jon. We have had a relationship that is unlike any other in the home. It was clear to anyone that spent time with Jon that he had issues when he first walked into our home 6/6/2008 (Yes he moved in on D Day. That should have been a clue!). Jon has had 5 hour long meltdowns in which he would just scream and NOTHING stopped it, he would rip off his finger and toe nails, and eating was not his strong suite. We had to work on swallowing which resulted in Jon gagging on everything that entered his throat (which he was great at cheeking everything from grapes to spaghetti).

As Jon grew so did his behaviors, one of his new past times was head butting mom (only mom)! I have had pieces of my jaw that he had chipped slowly work their way out, which is very painful, endured my metal glass frame slicing my nose open (I only wear plastic now!), and many oh so many meltdowns when I would get home from work, however we are FINALLY getting to the point where he respects and reminds the other children that I deserve respect!

As I have been a fly on the wall during recovery, I have been blessed to watch Jon and how he has been interacting with everyone in the family. Boy, let me tell you he has truly blessed me. Yeah we still have meltdowns and arguments , however they are reasonable.

I have also seen how he has changed from being a child that struggles with impulse control to a young man that is trying to standup for his mom!

While I watch our family from the sidelines it is clear that even when we feel that we are throwing our seeds on dry stones, instead of furtle ground, we are actually planting seeds that are growing SLOWLY towards wholenses.

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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