Working at their speed

Recently I wrote about our 14 year old son Jon and how he has been maturing recently. Well this child that can’t stand heat, physical activity that is not competitive, and until this last May would run into pine trees and curbs while riding his bike, just completed his first ever mountain bike race!

What?????? Yes Jon (after practicing with the team for the last 5 months) came in 40th out of 44 racers!

Dad giving him his final pep talk before he heads out!

I know that doesn’t sound like he killed it, however you have to remember that due to his Autism Jon started dead last. He was set to take off with the sweep at the very end of his heat. That means that he managed to get ahead of 4 racers in his one lap.

Once Jon crossed the finish line and saw his coach he crumbled!!! If any of you have experience with Autistic children you can vividly hear and see what I mean by crumble! Jon was screaming, taking his shirt off, falling to his knees and just plan looking like a mess, however he had reached his goal! As his team family came around him and praised him, cooled him off with cool towels, and surrounding this child at a fragile moment by all the love he could take in, I was taken aback.

Jon and Ozzy after everyone finished and started to recover!

This child had pushed so hard to reach this goal. Jon had faithfully made it to each and every practice and really pushed himself out of his autistic shell.

For not only Jon, but for our family, this was a major goal that after months of practicing and working on grades, skills, keeping equipment up (again many family members chuckle because autism interferes with upkeep of just about anything), and being present for every social interaction the team had we finally reached the goal of completing a race. I know that even for his siblings that race it was just one more race, but for Jon this is purely the start of a great adventure.

The next day Jon cheered his older brother through his final high school race. Scott was very excited that he was able to pass the torch from him to Jon. Scott was excited to improve his personal time by close to 10 minutes. That was huge for Scott!

Last staging as a senior! No pep talk needed!

This was a huge weekend for our family as you can guess! Not only did these two events occur, but it also signified the end of the crazy mountain biking season. It is crazy to think that the season was over, however the down time is needed! We need to relax, CLEAN OUR HOUSE, and return to church to fill our cups! It is so need let me tell you!

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