When is Enough, Enough!

No, this is not a Covid 19 extended social distancing rant! This is a “what more do you flying monkeys expect from me….” post!

Yes we have been stuck in this house together for DAYS however, a little gratitude from the flying monkeys at this residence would be Earth shattering in a good way.

We have tried to make the best of the situation, working to meet every little monkey’s needs in the best way possible….even squeezing a 14 foot trampoline into 14 foot back yard (yes it is wall to wall trampoline which makes the HVAC units shimmy when they jump, and this momma prays for everything that can break).

Yes the dog even jumps with them!!

So today the flying monkeys are in meltdown because boys want to play cars in the dirt while girls want to jump. Typical right! But now we have all the older adults in the home being pushed to choose sides (which never ends well)! So after a 45 minute meltdown from one of the girls because everyone hates her, and because she feels so unloved because not everyone took her side. I had the joy of walking her through the fact that the issue isn’t that she was treated horrid. That due to the need to stop jumping for safety or that she had been disrespectful with her choices of how she chose to respond to her father, older brother, and anyone who got in her way, and that everyone loves her just as much now as we did the day before the trampoline came into the door.

After this 30 minute exercise of roleplaying, behavior mirroring, and co-regulation exercises, the little flying monkey decides nothing ever happened……

DEEP BREATH, smell the chocolate cake, hold that smell for 3 seconds, and now blow out the candles. Repeat!

Yeah so as I sit on the couch with the two girls arguing about who will sit next to mom, I am reminded that the hours I have spent working on this afternoons show of femininity are already completely forgotten. I am trying to let the flying monkeys return to their queen as though nothing happened however, I am frustrated and simply tired!

These are the moments that I just don’t want to continue this battle! It will not make a difference today, tomorrow, or next year…….but one day when her daughter is having the “worst day of her life” I can only pray that she will in that moment of anger, frustration, and exhaustion remember the way I handled the issue today. Hopefully she will handle her situation similar, and then call me to let me know how frustrated she is.

So cute when her attitude is in check!!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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