Stuff!!! STUFF!!! Everywhere I look!!!

The last couple of months have just been rough in so many ways!! I miss the people that we were able to be around. I miss the kids being able to go off to school and be around other kids. Most of all, I miss Misty and I being able to go do metal work, work on our hobbies, work out of the house, or even go on a lunch date. However, the most maddening to me, since the kids are home 99.9% of the time, is there stuff everywhere!!

It doesn’t help that when a couple of our kids came to us as a foster placements, they had so much stuff from people feeling sorry for them, that a moving van would have been a better way for their stuff to arrive (I’m being dramatic of course). I feel like we have tried so many ways to try to get a handle on everything, but nothing seems to work.

I have read books, I have read blog posts, I have scoured the internet, but nothing seems to phase the youngest 3 in my house. As I go about my daily business, my OCD goes crazy!! Socks here, Lego’s there, books, crayons, and shoes seem to be everywhere. Negative consequences, special time, privileges, a new toy or book, working with them, a labeled place for their items. Nothing is worth their effort!

I keep searching and hoping that one day I will find something that clicks, or that they will mature to a point where things will change. For now though, I will combat my OCD with reminding myself that if God saw me for what I really am, rather that the redeeming saving blood of Christ. I would try his patience.

Published by Ray

Therapeutic Behavioral Mentor who loves God, his phenomenal wife, and 8 kids!!

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