The Adventures of Homeschooling

What was I  thinking!! Our circus of Flying Monkeys are going every direction but the one I need them too!! So here we are on week three and we typically start the week out crushing school, however, by Wednesday the fighting begins!!

So we have a few kids that love school and they will always get going, this is our two girls. Go figure!! Where we struggle the most is the boys. We have two that have attention spans of nats and two that just want to plow through about an hour and then feel they should be done. So how do you tackle this?

No really!!! I am open to suggestions!!

I am also struggling with my choice of curriculum.  I have some that are doing great with the curriculum and others that are hating it!! This has really opened my eyes to what the school’s go through and just how much my kids needs can’t be meet in the classroom setting. Not for lack of trying!

So here I am stuck in the middle of fighting the curriculum and fighting the kids to work the curriculum! My homeschooling heart tells me to focus on the kid, but my master level student brain says that is not going to make a difference on their future where focusing on school will make their future brighter!! I think I am having multiple personalities. I think I have cracked!!

These kiddos need a curriculum that combines school topics with self bettering skills. They need to learn the basics of being nice even when no one is looking!! We have kids that have learned to survive by cheating, stealing and being untruthful. How do we fix this damage?

How do we show our kids that just because we love them and accept them for who they are that doesn’t mean society will? When we have discussed some of the rioting issues it has been completely shocking, apoling, and beyond disheartening to hear our kids voice that they would love to just go smash a window and get items they want or that people deserve to be treated horribly because they have more. How do we make a change in this when it feels like it is a part of their DNA??

What can we do to make a difference? We have had our kids for varying amounts of time from 12 years to 1 year and I have heard “be consistent”, “lead by living your life as an example”, and my favorite “they will feel the love you are pouring out and it will change their DNA” (um, science major here, that would be environmental changes, but not making a huge difference).

In my feeling heart, this is not working!! In my logical brain, you know it takes a lot of repetitiveness to make a difference! In the trenches of every day, what have I gotten myself into!! Here I sit in a no win situation. If I focus on their hearts and accountability they will be good humans with no skills that allow them to survive in the world outside of our home. If I focus on the skills I will have kids that have street skills, but steal and riot when they see an opportunity. Which way do I turn???

I never had to think of this with my bio kids as they knew what was right and wrong and how to be a caring individual in all circumstances. This allowed me to simply just focus on teaching school and relating it back to daily life. Oh what I would give to be back there now!!😳

I guess the moral of this story is that morals are hard to teach an older child with mental health issues and while we are constantly feeling like we are not enough we need to remember that God is in control and he is MORE than enough!! HE CAN TACKEL THIS PROBLEM!!! It all comes back to putting it in His hands and being willing to take that step! And the next one! And the next one!!

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Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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