A Gentle Reminder of Why We Do This!

After walking this journey for 12 years we have had a few opportunities to share our story an why we walk this path. Recently a dear friend that has a talk radio show on a local radio station about fostering and adoption asked Ray and I to do an episode on her show we agreed. As the time for our meeting grew closer we began to struggle with what our interview would be like.

The normal earthly things started to rush through our heads. You know those nagging worries of how will I sound, what will I say, what if I make God look bad, and the list goes on. Then the day of the interview arrived and Rayleen joined us on our front patio to chat. God was definitely present and His leading to do this job was definitely expressed.

We listened to this show just the two of us laying in our bed and it was such an uplifting event. We really kept it God focused and were able to encourage others to follow that leading! Below is the link. Give it a listen and let us know what your thoughts are!


Look for our family photo to hear our family’s story!

Published by Misty

Mom of 8 AMAZING children, wife to a saint, retired nurse, and now a blogger!

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