Misty and Ray Aguilar have been married for 25 years and working with foster/adoption for 13 of those years. The Aguilar family started this journey as a nuclear family of four and has grown into a combined family of 10 with four out of the six adopted children have special needs. The Aguilar family has been blessed with three autistic children from all over the spectrum and a child with not only moderate cognitive delay, but explosive disorder as well. Needless to say life in the Aguilar house is very loud, often chaotic, extremely different from other families with children in this age group, and as loving and patient as a home can be within these special circumstances.

Along this very wild journey Ray and Misty have learned that even though we often feel isolated and alone that they are not alone and there are other special families out there that are going on the same adventure. This fact has lead Misty to start the Patchwork Fostering and Adoption Mentoring page. This page is a place for the Aguilar’s to write about their crazy lives, adventures, and skills they use to reach and help the children in their home. Their prayer is that their families knowledge, skills, and comic relief on some days will some how lighten or help your lives during your journey. So read, enjoy, and ad comments! We are on one heck of a journey together and we are here to support each other along the way.

Welcome to our journey and our lives! Please join in and let us pray for your family and to give your resources when available to make your life easier and to help you know that you are not alone!

Let’s build something together.

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