A Gentle Reminder of Why We Do This!

After walking this journey for 12 years we have had a few opportunities to share our story an why we walk this path. Recently a dear friend that has a talk radio show on a local radio station about fostering and adoption asked Ray and I to do an episode on her show we agreed.Continue reading “A Gentle Reminder of Why We Do This!”

And We March On

WOW the things we learn when we are forced into areas of life we no longer wanted to acknowledge. As we have muddled through the new way of life due to Covid we have been forced into areas of our life that we never wanted to go into. For example, we are faced with homeschoolingContinue reading “And We March On”

How do we live with Satan in our home??

Now I know, every Christian has this thought. Be it over television, internet, and even sometimes people we invite in as we work to show them God. However, when we live with what is perceived as evil. What do we as Christians do? This is where I find myself today!! I have been working throughContinue reading “How do we live with Satan in our home??”