The Aftermath!!

So we are 4 days after mom’s little meltdown and where are we now……right back at the beginning!! We have the explosive disorder child once again screaming that he hates his life and wants to kill himself until someone new asks him why and he answers “oh I don’t want to hurt myself!”, we haveContinue reading “The Aftermath!!”


So that is the title of my life!! No matter what relationship, no matter the situation, and no matter the task ……. I am 100% inadequate! This is beyond hard to live with. No matter how hard I try, no matter how much I give, it is never enough!! So where does that leave me….tired,Continue reading “COMPLETELY INADEQUATE”


We have a 14 year old adopted son with Autism Spectrum Disorder type 2 that is pushing me over the edge!!! We have other kids with the same diagnosis and I have survived their growth through this age however, I do think I will make it this time. We have worked through hours of therapy,Continue reading “Indifferent!”

When is Enough, Enough!

No, this is not a Covid 19 extended social distancing rant! This is a “what more do you flying monkeys expect from me….” post! Yes we have been stuck in this house together for DAYS however, a little gratitude from the flying monkeys at this residence would be Earth shattering in a good way. WeContinue reading “When is Enough, Enough!”

Oh the Ways We Teach!!

I know that right now, one of the hot topics in our world is teaching our kiddos. However, as foster/adoptive parents to children with trauma. We have been teaching for a while now! Because our children have a traumatic past I have often voiced that we teach like Dr. Seuss! I have taught children byContinue reading “Oh the Ways We Teach!!”


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