Look for the Opportunity to Thriving in Every Situation!!

I am attempting to recover ….. from what was a pretty great day until ….. all the kids arrived home from school and you could actually feel the the edginess in the air. As the afternoon unfolded it was clear that we were going to have to hang on and ride out the storm! OurContinue reading “Look for the Opportunity to Thriving in Every Situation!!”

This is a test, this is only a test of your parenting skills…..

I often find myself asking if this season of life is some kind of test that I am flunking at miserable or is this just life with trauma survivors that are struggling to reach adulthood? Currently we have a 17 year old that is stumbling through relationships with the opposite sex and although he wasContinue reading “This is a test, this is only a test of your parenting skills…..”

Family Challenges and Grace

Shout out to Shannon at Irish Luck Designs for my great new logo! I love it and I love her! Thank you cousin for helping me on my journey! Family‚ĶI know it is a complicated group of people for everyone involved, right, however adding fostering and adoption of kids with special needs can make theContinue reading “Family Challenges and Grace”

We’re Not Superheroes!

Welcome to day 4! I feel as though I need to tell you all that we are not superheroes or an earthly saint for being foster parents to troubled boys or for adopting these amazing children, instead we are a couple that has been blessed to have amazing mentors that walked with our family atContinue reading “We’re Not Superheroes!”