The Adventures of Homeschooling

What was I  thinking!! Our circus of Flying Monkeys are going every direction but the one I need them too!! So here we are on week three and we typically start the week out crushing school, however, by Wednesday the fighting begins!! So we have a few kids that love school and they will alwaysContinue reading “The Adventures of Homeschooling”

The Aftermath!!

So we are 4 days after mom’s little meltdown and where are we now……right back at the beginning!! We have the explosive disorder child once again screaming that he hates his life and wants to kill himself until someone new asks him why and he answers “oh I don’t want to hurt myself!”, we haveContinue reading “The Aftermath!!”

Stuff!!! STUFF!!! Everywhere I look!!!

The last couple of months have just been rough in so many ways!! I miss the people that we were able to be around. I miss the kids being able to go off to school and be around other kids. Most of all, I miss Misty and I being able to go do metal work,Continue reading “Stuff!!! STUFF!!! Everywhere I look!!!”

This is a test, this is only a test of your parenting skills…..

I often find myself asking if this season of life is some kind of test that I am flunking at miserable or is this just life with trauma survivors that are struggling to reach adulthood? Currently we have a 17 year old that is stumbling through relationships with the opposite sex and although he wasContinue reading “This is a test, this is only a test of your parenting skills…..”