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My name is Misty Aguilar and I have been happily, stressful, and blessed to be married to my bestfriend for the last 24 years. We have been through so much over those years including the suffering of a stillborn child, the blessing of homeschooling,  and the never ending adventure of fostering and adopting children that have lived through more trauma than many adults will ever experience. 

Misty feels Ray is truly the better part of their relationship being very people oriented and loving to work with special needs children even when he is not in their home dealing with their own special needs children.  Together they have learned how to attack any situation to get what is best for the child in their care, even if it is to not be with them! Misty has voiced at team meetings “I know it’s hard to say, but this child just does not fit and it is causing more trauma”.

Misty and Ray have two amazing biological (bios to those of us that have been in the system for a while) children, Tina who is 24 and moved across the nation to be with an amazing man of God, and RJ who is 22, is working hard at improving himself, while supporting others as they work to improve their health through exercise and nutrition. 

The four family members entered into the all consuming, chaotic world know as fostering in 2008 when their next two children walked through their door. Scott who is just turning 18 and Jon who is 13 have not only changed the Aguilar’s lives for ever, but they have sent the Aguilar’s to the Lord for help SSSOOOO MANY TIMES that without them Misty knows her relationship with the Lord would not be as strong as it is. 

After adopting these two amazing young men they took about a 3 year break before the Lord started the clue-by-4’s to get their attention that He was calling them back to fostering.  After they got a clue, they returned to fostering first as a kinship placement for a child in need through church and eventually return to take only teenage boys. Yeah that was so challenging! New experiences like drugs being brought in the home, which lead to the families first disruption, and going through the loss of a child again, but this time due to the child’s choices, which is even more heart wrenching!

After about 4 “normal” teens the Aguilar’s learned about therapeutic foster care and quickly made the transition to a therapeutic foster home.  They have since had 19 boys and 1 girl walk through their door over the following 6 years. What an adventure that has been, however along the way they feel in love with their next adoption a 9 year old named Aaron. While the family continued in the mission field right outside their front door they came across Blaze who is their 13 year old that brought his brother Ozzy (11) and sister Lillian (9) through the door when it was clear that after being in the system for 4 long years and many disruptions leading to hospitalizations on Blaze’s part, where going to be separated for ever due to his behaviors.  Misty and Ray could not let these kids, that had already suffered so much loss, go through a permanent loss of siblings.

It sounds crazy but this is what God had planned for the Aguilar family from the very beginning! During this fun adventure Misty continued to work as a nurse in the local OB unit which allowed for some pretty unique family connections; Misty’s first newborn resuscitation was on Jon so she was literally the second person to have ever touched him, caring for Blaze after he was born assisting his mother with breastfeeding,  and performing checks on Lillian and Ozzy while they were in the hospital. 

Currently Misty is staying home while she works through this new season of her life. Misty has Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia which affects her ability to nurse, however it doesn’t affect her heart for her children. Misty loves working with children and often is thinking out of the box on ways to help parents, teachers, and even therapist reach the children in her community that are calling out for help with their behaviors.

HI I’m ray

Hello my name is Tina, Misty and Ray are my biological parents. I am their oldest child, often times their confidante, and a small portion of their support system. I have experienced many of the ups and downs of foster care and adoptions form a different prospective than my parents. My life has truly been changed by foster care and adoption.  I love all my siblings (biological or not) and they have impacted my life forever.

I currently live in Indiana with my wonderful husband Zach. Zach and I got married in 2019 and are preparing to move back to Arizona to be closer to my family.  I work as a paraprofessional and have worked with special need individuals since I turned 18. I am still working on finishing my Bachelor’s degree in psychology at Liberty University. I hope to jump into the field of psychology to help those with disabilities and their family, whether that is in a hands on role or in a counseling one. 

Hi I am RJ

Hi I’m Scott

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